Team GIO Update #1

GIO Community!


I just wanted to give everyone an update on Team GIO’s Extra Life activity.  We are now currently up to 13 members registered. This is a great start. I know it’s still the summer, but the earlier you register the more time you have to plan and fund raise. I’m hoping the coming weeks will at least double the total members were are currently at.


Team GIO has already raised $1318.33 out of our $15,000 goal! This is a more than amazing start. At this pace, we should be able to break our goal amount when the actual event rolls around in November.


Also, it was decided that we will be doing another digital raffle this year. I will be keeping track of the raffle tickets this year as well. The system will be exactly the same as it was last year. Raffle tickets can be earned through four different methods:

  • Join Team GIO = 2 Raffle Tickets
  • Recruit someone to Team GIO = 1 Raffle Ticket per person recruited
  • Money You Raise = 1 Ticket for every $5 you raise
  • Money raised by your recruits = 1 Ticket for every $10 they raise


I will be using a pretty neat program I coded on my off work hours. I have tested it, and it works really well.  Also, if you recruit a member to the team, please inbox me (contact info below) your name and the name of the person you recruited so I am able to keep a clean record of raffle tickets. As the date of Extra Life rolls around, the raffle prizes will be announced. At that point I will let everyone know what info they need to send me, along with what prizes you want to be entered in to win and how many tickets to use. Remember, the more money you raise, the more chances you have to win! I will make sure to let everyone know when the deadline is for entries. The drawings will happen one or two days after the event.


You do have the option not to participate in the raffle. You simply need not do anything with your raffle tickets. You are not able to transfer your raffle tickets to another person, but you may transfer the prize to another person if you win (since it will be your property at that point).


Since I am putting together the raffle, I will be ineligible to win any prizes. I will be donating as many prizes as I can to this raffle. If anyone else would like to donate a prize to the raffle, please contact me via the info below about what you would like to donate. I would love to start putting together the prize list as soon as possible and work out delivery methods to our winners.


The raffle is a huge incentive to join Team GIO and raise money. Even if you are unable to participate in the event on Nov. 2nd, you can still join Team GIO (automatic 2 raffle tickets) and help raise money for this cause.


I would also like to thank Eric (@GI_Jolt815) for drawing up our new Team GIO banner!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via any method below. Keep working hard and raising money for the kids!


Contact Info:

GIO Inbox - Zachary Pligge / PliggeTheFallen

Twitter - @PliggeTheFallen

Email -


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