If there was at least one for sure fact that occurred this generation, that fact has to be the improvement of story driven games. Not only has many games improved upon the pacing of the story but also the dialog between characters and the voice acting this generation has been nothing but short of top notch. I give you my personal ten favorite voice actors and actresses of this generation. Enjoy!

10) Camilla Luddington - Although I do think she did a wonderful job voicing Lara Croft I'm beginning my list as more of just being a fan of how gorgeous Camilla is and this being her first video game voice over makes her that much more awesome. Whether she sealed her role as Lara Croft for years to come or gonna be gracing us with her beauty on the big screen, keep an eye out for Ms. Luddington.

9) Courtnee Draper - This beautiful young lady did the voice of Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth and although Ken and his team brought beautiful grace and animation to Elizabeth for me it was Courtnee who made me fully care about this character and the need to get her to Paris. Also to note Courtnee did some voice over work in Kingdom Hearts 2.

8) Mark Hamill - Wow! I sure wish I had took the time to find a better picture for Mr. Hamill. Anyways beside being best known as a young Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill is also best known for his amazing Joker voice work in the animated Batman series and the recent Rocksteady Batman video game series. Some would argue that when it comes to voicing the Joker there is nobody who can do it better and although Mark Hamill has declined voicing the Joker in the future we will never forget that maniacal laughter.

7) Jen Taylor - Any fan of Halo should automatically recognize this little lady for she is the voice and soul behind our little blue lady Cortana. While she is mostly known for her work as Cortana she also did the voice over work for Zoey from Left 4 Dead, and randomly enough Princess Peach.

6) Stephen Merchant - Although Stephen is a dork, he is a very funny dork and I think he deserves major applause for his wonderful voice over work with Portal 2's Wheatley. Although I assume Value had everything to do with the script, Stephen stole the show with his witty accent and enjoyable dialog that one hoped would escort them through the whole game.

5) Ashley Johnson - If anyone has had the pleasure of playing The Last Of Us than you most likely fell in love with the beautifully voiced Ellie. Ellie was Ashley's first video game voice over work and to me she brought life to this character so well that I truly cared about protecting Ellie at all cost. If Ashley plans to continue to due more video game work down the road than I can only expect more great characters from her.

4) Rob Wiethoff - Although Rob hasn't done much voice over work, well in fact he has only done one game but boy did he nail it. Rob Wiethoff did the amazing job of giving one of the best characters this generation a voice and that character is Red Dead Redemption's John Marston. Even though we may never hear another word or breathe from John Marston, I can't give enough thanks to Rob for filling in such big boots!

3) Nolan North - Ah Mr. Nolan, of course he made it high on my list. This actor has literally been in just about every game this generation and also did a fantastic job. I would say his most highlighted characters would easily have to be Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Desmond Miles from Assassin Creed, and has also been voicing Deadpool for most of this generation. But like I said he has been in everything and you can only expect to hear more from Mr. North.

Currently Mr. North is working on Young Justice: Legacy (Clark Kent, Connor Kent. Superboy, and Superman) and Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Deadpool).

2) Jenifer Hale - This chick is the action game rock star of video games. Just like Nolan North she has been in just about every game this generation. Jenifer would easily be most recognized for female Shepard (miss I've gotta go), Samas Aran, Leah from Diablo 3, Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear Solid, Fuse, Bioshock Infinite, Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and Bulletstorm just to name a few. Do yourself a favor and IMBD this girl just to see all the work she has done for video games and might as well check out Nolan North too. Either way Jenifer you rock and I look forward to the next adventure we spend together.

Currently Mrs. Hale is working on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Naomi Hunter)and Republique.

1) Troy Baker - If you were to ask me what 2 of my favorite games this generation were I could easily without hesitance tell you that Bioshock Infinite and The last Of Us were 2 of the best games I have played this generation. Luckily for Troy Baker he did the voice over work for Booker Dewitt and Joel from The Last Of Us, in which in my opinion was some of the best voice acting this generation. Funny enough I feel that Booker and Joel have a lot in common beyond being the male protagonist and voiced by Troy Baker, in which might have had something to do with Troy nailing both characters. Other than the 2 games I've mentioned Mr. Baker has also done an impressive amount of other games and animated t.v. shows. Either way it be anime or from unraveling the mystery behind Columbia to escaping the horrors of post apocalyptic America you will find an amazing voice actor who you can expect to start hearing a lot more from.

Currently Mr. Baker is working on Infamous: Second Son (Delsin), Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Loki), Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Ocelot), and Batman: Arkham Origins (The Joker).

Well that's it, I know this list may be absurd to some but please remember this is only my opinion. I've played a lot of games this generation and heard plenty of amazing voices, but I could only narrow it down to 10. I hope you enjoyed my list and hope to hear what actors or actresses you guys found awesome this generation.

P.S. I would also like to give nods to David Hayter for his amazing work on Solid Snake through the years and the same goes for Michael Ironside for making Sam Fisher who he is today.