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    GI Show - Deathloop, Cyberpunk, Double Fine

    by Ben Hanson on Jun 10, 2019 at 12:53 AM

    On this special live episode of The Game Informer Show from E3 2019, Ben Hanson,  Ben Reeves, Brian Shea, and Javy Gwaltney recap their five favorite moments from the E3 2019 press conferences for EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda. We cover Keanu Reeves' surprising appearance in Cyberpunk 2077, Deathloop, Double Fine's acquisition from Microsoft and much more!

    You can watch the video above, subscribe and listen to the audio on iTunes or Google Playlisten on SoundCloudstream it on Spotify, or download the MP3 at the bottom of the page. Also, be sure to send your questions to for a chance to have them answered on the show.

    Our thanks to the talented Super Marcato Bros. for The Game Informer Show's intro song. You can hear more of their original tunes and awesome video game music podcast at their website.

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