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GI Show – 2018's Underrated Games, Will Wright Interview

by Ben Hanson on Dec 27, 2018 at 02:00 PM

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On today's episode, Kimberley Wallace, Matt Miller, and Kyle Hilliard break down three games from 2018 that they think deserve more attention. After some great community emails sent in to, we're honored to be joined by legendary game designer Will Wright to talk about his career and the process of creating games like SimCity and The Sims while at Maxis.

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Our thanks to the talented Super Marcato Bros. for The Game Informer Show's intro song. You can hear more of their original tunes and awesome video game music podcast at their website.

To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below...

4:30 - Nintendo Labo's Vehicle Kit
7:50 - Minit
10:25 - Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
14:30 - A Way Out
17:30 - Moss
19:15 - The Red Strings Club
21:44 - Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
24:20 - WarioWare Gold!
26:35 - Iconoclasts
28:35 - Far: Lone Sails
35:05 - The Missing: J.J. MacField and the Island of Memories
39:25 - Wandersong
42:35 - Skater XL
50:00 - Community emails
1:36:00 - Will Wright Interview