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The Untold Story Of Guillermo Del Toro's Canceled Game Insane

by Ben Hanson on Oct 26, 2018 at 12:07 PM

Welcome to a special edition of The Game Informer Show podcast! On this bonus episode, we're telling the full story behind the development of THQ and Volition's collaboration with the acclaimed film director Guillermo del Toro. We're joined by three former Volition developers who worked extensively on the game: Insane's art director Matt Flegel, lead writer Steve Jaros (now at Valve), and senior producer/creative director Jacques Hennequet.

Up until this point, all we knew about the mysterious project announced in 2010 was the ambiguous teaser trailer and the fact that the project was canceled when THQ went bankrupt. In the video below (or you can listen to the audio version by clicking here) you'll learn all about how the ambitious first-person Eldritch horror game with a heavy emphasis on mind f----s struggled through development and ultimately sank alongside THQ and its uDraw Tablet anchor. To learn more about the studio behind Insane's development, you can watch our documentary from 2011 on Volition's history and other unannounced projects that didn't see the light of day.

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