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GI Show – Life Is Strange 2, The Game Awards Predictions, Community Emails, & GotY Chats

by Andy McNamara on Dec 12, 2019 at 01:31 PM

On this week's episode of The Game Informer Show podcast, we do a lot of discussing. In fact, we should discuss this. The show starts with Joe Juba and Andy Reiner as we discuss the recent release of the final episode of Life is Strange 2. Bonus discussion about what we think about episodic gaming.  

Next, we do something stupid. Joe Juba, Brian Shea, Ben Reeves, and Alex Stadnik all throw in a dollar to take part in a competition to predict who will take home the win at The Game Awards that happens tonight (meaning, most of you will listen to this segment already knowing what wins what, which means you can mock our absurd reasoning – and what could be more fun than that?) I'll do the math for you and tell you who won on next week's show (though I'm guessing some intrepid listener will be eager to let us know who was victorious).

For part five of our Game of the Year chats, where I ask guests what games are defining their year, I am joined by Joe Juba and the fall intern class members, Alex Stadnik (@Studnik76) and Nick Straub (@Ncstraub). Also this is the moment I get a busy Leo Vader to join the show. This segment will run the rest of this year, as we bring in editors (and guests) every week to talk about games that have impacted their year in the lead-up to Game Informer's Top 50 of 2019. Next week, will be the final installment, so make sure you come back for the finale!

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To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below.

02:24 Life is Strange 2

25:41 The Game Awards Predictions and Bets

1:29:51 Community Emails

2:29:14 Game of the Year Chats Pt. 5 - Featuring The GI Interns

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