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New Gameplay Today - Titan Quest On Switch

by Jeff Cork on Jul 31, 2018 at 12:20 PM

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What were you doing 12 years ago? If you were Dan Tack, you were playing a game called Titan Quest at your local LAN center. If you were Joe Juba, you were reviewing it for Game Informer. If you weren't either of those two people and don't know what Titan Quest is, don't worry – it's out today on Switch, and we check it out in our latest NGT.

It's basically Diablo II, but in ancient Greece. Joe and Tack have fond-ish memories of it, which they share as Joe kills a bunch of satyrs. Look. It was a dozen years ago, so be easy on them for not remembering every tiny detail. 

And on the subject of tiny details, the text is indeed quite small on the Switch's screen. Carry on!