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New Gameplay Today – Bomb Chicken

by Jeff Cork on Jul 13, 2018 at 02:45 PM

Kyle Hilliard has a reputation for being a bit of a pyromaniac, in addition to being known for his love of consuming vast quantities of poultry. It only makes sense that he'd be into Bomb Chicken, an upcoming Switch game where you control a chicken who solves puzzles with a little help from her explosive leavings.

Join Kyle, Leo, and me as we watch Kyle deftly solve some of the most fiendishly tricky puzzles we've ever seen. OK, that part may be a little hyperbolic. Look, he starts from the beginning, so it's not like Nitrome is out to break anyone's brains immediately. Consider it a slow burn! Kind of like... fried chicken? Aaaaaand we're done.

Bomb Chicken is coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 13.