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Ben Hanson

Video Producer

Growing up in a haunted forest outside of a small Minnesotan town, Ben Hanson's first exposure to the world of gaming was through an old Apple II. With that hook firmly set, a similar love for video production took root through the creation of gaming-themed videos with friends. These passions led him to a degree in Media Studies from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. It was there that the great schism occurred: he began professionally producing videos while reading about/playing games in his spare time. He has produced videos for the Ordway Center and the University of Minnesota and spent two and a half years at a community television station called CTV North Suburbs where he won a Regional Emmy. His two great loves were finally reunited when he was hired on as Game Informer's video producer, and they lived happily ever after... or something like that.


The Art Of Skyrim

Bethesda's art director details the team's bold, new direction for Skyrim's landscapes, characters, and creatures.

The Sounds Of Skyrim

Learn about the music, sound effects, and voice acting of the newest Elder Scrolls with the help of the game's audio director in this video exclusive.

Replay – Crystal's Pony Tale

Gallop alongside the GI crew as
they take the reins and journey through the wondrous lands of this
criminally overlooked Genesis gem.

A Guided Tour Of Gran Turismo 5

You're riding shotgun as Game Informer's Senior Associate Editor,
Matthew Kato, takes you on a guided tour of Gran Turismo's races and