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Check Out The Gameplay Debut of Ubisoft's Star Wars Outlaws

by Charles Harte on Jun 12, 2023 at 01:06 PM

Today, Ubisoft decided to round out its showcase with a closer look at a game it revealed during the Xbox showcase yesterday – Star Wars Outlaws. The reveal shows smuggler Kay Vess sneaking and shooting her way through a galaxy far far away. There's a lot going on in this trailer, so let's break it down.

The demonstration starts with Kay trying to make her way out of a deadly situation. While she knocks out one guard by jamming the butt of her gun into the back of their skull, there are three more ahead that she needs to use her axolotl-like companion Nix to distract. The U.I. gives her some options to target guards for an attack, but instead, she sends Nix to press a switch, moving a crate her way to hide behind. It's exciting to see a companion like that as more than just a cute, (hopefully) pettable face.

Unfortunately for Kay, she's quickly spotted afterward and has to shoot her way out of trouble. We see her take out a few alien gangsters, ducking behind cover, and shooting classic red, explosive barrels. At one point, she adjusts the settings on her blaster from "blast" to "focused" in order to disable a shield. After that, she escapes to her speeder for an action-packed chase sequence.

Kay makes her way into a cantina, where she's brought face-to-face with an imperial officer. The player is given the choice to bribe the officer or figure it out on their own – the demo player chooses to keep their money, pulling a gun on the officer and running out the door. Kay's face quickly appears on every nearby screen, and the word "Wanted" flashes across the displays in an ominous red outline. Kay escapes to her ship and takes off into space.

But the gameplay doesn't end there – Kay's ship comes under fire very quickly, and she's forced to dodge and dogfight her way around a squad of tie fighters in nearby orbit. In addition to the classic Star Wars laser sound effects, we see multiple weapon options on the HUD, as well as a button to trigger the hyperdrive system. Kay takes advantage of the latter and rockets away, finally out of danger. For now, anyways.

Overall, Star Wars Outlaws looks impressive and exciting, acting as the Han Solo to Jedi Survivor's Luke Skywalker. If you're in the mood to take another look at yesterday's cinematic reveal trailer, we've got you covered.

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