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Final Fantasy VII 7 Rebirth Best Side Quests Don't Miss

The Best Side Quests In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

by Wesley LeBlanc on Feb 28, 2024 at 01:30 PM

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is chock full of activities to do when you aren't controlling Cloud, chasing after Sephiroth, and trying to save the planet. With multiple open world zones to explore, there are dozens of objectives to complete ranging from Queen's Blood matches to treasure caches to combat challenges and more. It's safe to say completing everything Rebirth offers will take 100 or more hours, and that's before you add in dozens of minigames to the game's slew of offerings. 

With so much stuff to do, though, not everything sticks the landing and that goes for side quests too, which range from fine and forgettable to great. If you're looking to get the Platinum trophy, you'll need to complete every side quest, but if you're just trying to play through the game's best offerings, we have you covered – here are the best side quests. 

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's Best Side Quests

Final Fantasy VII 7 Rebirth Game Informer Review

Note: If you consider the names of the game's open-world locations a spoiler, you might want to avoid the information below. 

Last chance to avoid location names that you may or may not find spoilery...

  • Flowers from the Hill – Level 17, Grasslands: While this isn't the most exciting quest in Rebirth, it's one of the first you'll receive and not one to be missed as it helps you unlock your first chocobo. 


  • A Rare Card Lost – Any Level, Grasslands: This is a side quest centered on Queen's Blood, the game's best side activity. For that reason alone, it's worth completing. However, you'll also receive a great card and more Tifa-related story content. 


  • Stuck in a Rut – Level 20, Junon: Like Flowers from the Hill, this side quest is required in order to obtain your chocobo for this region. 


  • Calling All Frogs – Level 22, Junon: Just do it. It's hilarious and unlocks a fun minigame. 


  • The Hardest Sell Level 23, Junon: This is a combat-focused side quest that will have you defeating several tough enemies. It's a fun challenge and you run into a familiar face from Midgar. 


  • Dreaming of Blue Skies – Level 23, Junon: One of the biggest highlights of the Junon region in the original Final Fantasy VII is the massive condor that calls it home. This is a quest all about that condor and worth doing for the spectacle of the bird. It also features a really sweet mini-story. 


  • Tides of War and Worry – Any Level, Junon: This is one of the game's zanier side quests and lets you partake in a fun dolphin-centric minigame. 


  • Bodybuilders in a Bind – Level 26, Corel Region: Remember the gym segments from Final Fantasy VII Remake? They're back, and this quick side quest is how you gain access to the crunch-off minigame. 


  • Of Robed Men and Ransoms  Level 28, Corel Region: This quest will have you tracking some men wearing black robes and people who may or may not have kidnapped them. It's a simple follow-and-find type of quest, but it leads to some important information about Cloud's standing as an ex-SOLDIER. 


  • The Saga of Seaside Inn – Level 31, Corel Region: Okay, so this side quest was actually one of my least favorite because it's a long string of fetch quests. However, it features a beloved character (voiced by one Yuri Lowenthal, a voice you might recognize as Peter Parker in Insomniac's Spider-Man games) and unlocks one of the biggest side activities in the game. We won't say what here, but we highly recommend this quest for completionists. 


  • Trouble in Paradise – Level 44, Corel Region: This side quest leads to another run-in with a familiar face from Midgar and features a great story. 


  • Sand and Circuses – Level 45, Corel Region: This side quest unlocks a colosseum-like battle arena that's a lot of fun to partake in if you're obsessed with Rebirth's combat like me. It also has a great story tucked within it. 


  • The Pursuit of Perfection – Level 31, Gongaga: Completing this will unlock a new weapon for Barret, and it's a great one. 


  • O Chicken, Where Art Though  – Level 33, Gongaga: This is the funniest side quest in the game. If you like laughing, it's not one to miss. 


  • The Spice of Life – Level 35, Gongaga: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core fans, this one's for you. Have fun gathering mushrooms and cooking soup with a familiar face. 


  • Escape from Endless Writer's Block – Any Level, Gongaga: This side quest is quick and easy, and you get to have a lot of fun with Red XIII, who will be posing for various pictures you need to take. 


  • Woodland Vigil – Level 44, Gongaga: Another one for the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core fans. Enjoy. 


  • Bonds of Trust – Any Level, Cosmo Canyon: You must complete this one to unlock the chocobo of this region. It will also teach you how this region's pathways and air lifts work. 


  • Absence of a Sign – Level 38, Cosmo Canyon: Clerith fans, this is not one to miss. 


  • Promises to Keep  – Level 42, Cosmo Canyon: A must-play for Red XIII fans and those who want a tough combat challenge. 


  • Esoteric Secrets of the Elder – Any Level, Nibel: You must complete this one to unlock the chocobo of this region. It will also unlock a "discovery" to complete as you explore this region. 


  • My White-Haired Angel – Level 41, Nibel: Do you like cute cats? Do this side quest.


  • Lament of the Damned  – Level 44, Nibel: This side quest will unlock a new type of combat simulator and features some tough boss-like battles. If you want some combat challenges or are looking to obtain the Platinum trophy, you'll need to complete this one. 

And those are our favorite side quests in Rebirth. Complete them and let us know what you think!

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Let us know if you have any other questions about side quests or the game in the comments below!

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