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How To Get Rich Quick In Farm Together

by Game Informer Editorial on Feb 06, 2019 at 02:01 PM

We here at Game Infarmer are obsessed with Farm Together. Our Call of Duty and Overwatch clans have taken breaks from matches to grow crops and build sprawling fields. It's our current go-to game when we just need to relax.

The beautiful thing about Farm Together is you always make progress. Every dollar you spend brings more back. While you can't fail, farm growth can go slowly if you don't know how to bring in the big bucks. Below is a selection of tips that will get you moving in the right direction. Within a matter of hours, you should be swimming in cash, diamonds, ribbons, and more.

Always be questing

Enter the pause menu and select the quest log to tackle as many requests as you can for people. You'll earn plenty of ribbons and experience points if you stay on top of quests.

Group things together

Plant trees together, put animals in pens together, and place fish in a large pond together. While the farm will look nicer when things are separated into their own fenced in areas, the larger fields and pens allow for the tractor to be used more effectively. Make sure the fields keep the tractor's 3x3 capabilities in mind. Having an extra row on the side just slows you down. This is one tip that will expand the size of your wallet quickly.

Build your house early

When you reach the level that the house unlocks, build it as soon as you can. Construction will take 4 full days, and cost a sizable sum, but brings new gameplay opportunities and allows you to earn tickets.

Upgrade the gas station 

Gas is a precious commodity and you'll likely find yourself running to the station more than you care to as you tend to your fields. The upgraded gas stations costs a whopping 25 ribbons but greatly increases the time you can use your tractor.


If you are just starting out some of the unlockable content cannot be found mid-game. You'll need to back out of your farm to the title screen to access the customization options, which give you a cat or dog, allow you to design your own tractor, outfit, and more.

Okay, how do I make more money?

If you want to have enough cash to dive through like Scrooge McDuck, plant as many sunflowers, strawberries, watermelons, and grapes as you can. Yes, they take time to grow, but deliver sizable returns. Beets are also a good go-to since they are available each season and harvest regularly, when watered. Adding sprinklers to these money making fields can speed up the process.

How do I earn more diamonds?

Plant money trees (yes, they exist in this game) and regularly check your various stands to get the diamond payouts. Don't be afraid to invest in numerous stands of the same variety if you are harvesting a lot of the same thing.

Money trees can only be farmed in winter and many other diamond solutions are available. Try honey! Block off an entire section of the farm for honeycomb, which costs a mere 10 diamonds each - make a lot of these. Like 100. While it takes some time to harvest them all, they provide 5 diamonds and experience every day, and the honey can be turned in at the honey stand for merit badges. It adds up quick and you can feed the badges back into the diamond cycle by creating special plants like mustard that cost badges to make, but give diamonds every harvest.

How do I earn ribbons?

Quests. Don't bother selling fruit or milk, instead invest all your milk in dairy (to make cheese) and fruit in fruit presses (to make jam). Sell cheese and jam at their stands for ribbon payouts.

How do I earn tickets?

Perform activities in your house: cooking, making music, and doing art. You can eventually have 4 houses to generate a ridiculous number of tickets.


Odds are we'll see plenty of timed events like the Lovely Harvest festival, which allows players to plant cotton candy to add unicorns and other limited-time decorations to their farms. You'll want to invest heavily in these timed crops to earn all of the unlocks, which can be viewed in the quest log.

Be social

Visit other farms, don't be shy. There isn't much of a reward for doing this, but seeing what other players are doing to make money can help you with your farm.

I just want total world domination

If you really want to see the money fly in, make your map mostly fishing and use a farmhand to harvest. Plant money trees for diamonds where you can. Build 4 houses and use each kitchen to make sushi, which gives you plenty of tickets for paying your farmhands.

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