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The Game Awards 2020

Unreal Tournament Weapons Arrive In Warframe

by Daniel Tack on Dec 10, 2020 at 07:03 PM

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Announced during The Game Awards 2020, Digital Extremes and Epic Games are coming together to bring Unreal Tournament weapons into Warframe. 'Tis the season for crossovers, and this is one nostalgia-laden mixup to check out! Starting today and available until December 24, Warframe players can download the Unreal Tournament Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, and Shock Rifle in the Unreal Tournament Weapon Bundle. What's the catch? It's only on PC. And it's only on the Epic Games Store. Yep, Warframe is available on the Epic Games Store today! On the plus side, it's free!

“More than 20 years ago, the teams at Digital Extremes and Epic were working on the original Unreal Tournament,” said Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney in a press release. "It’s awesome to see how much success Digital Extremes has had with Warframe, and we're excited to be bringing it to the Epic Games Store, along with such a cool nod to that history."

The bundle is available to all players, old and new. As an added bonus, if you grab the bundle before December 14, you also get a double credit bonus. The full contents of the package from EGS include:

  • Flak Cannon Skin
  • Rocket Launcher Skin
  • Shock Rifle Skin
  • Drakgoon Weapon with Slot
  • Ogris Weapon with Slot
  • Stahlta Weapon with Slot
  • Essential Critical Chance Bundle
  • Affinity Booster

If you're like me, you fondly remember blasting through plenty of opponents back in Unreal Tournament with all three of these weapons. Especially the Flak cannon though. That thing was awesome!

Warframe has seen plenty of large, continual updates over the years as it came up through the ranks as a scrappy (and very unpolished) free-to-play game at launch into the massive, sprawling game-as-a-service titan that it is today. Open world environments and many other giant updates have continued to inject significant chunks of content into the game, including the Heart of Deimos pack this year. 

Another large announcement for Warframe is expected to hit on December 16, during the final developer stream of the year.

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