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The Game Awards 2020
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Open Roads Is A Mother-Daughter Road Trip Adventure By Fullbright

by Marcus Stewart on Dec 10, 2020 at 06:48 PM

Fullbright, the studio behind Gone Home and Tacoma, showed off their next narrative-focused title, Open Roads, during tonight’s Game Awards. The game centers on a mother and daughter who embark on a road trip of reflection and discovery, both of the world and between themselves. 

The game stars 16-year old Tess Devine and her mother, Opal, who journey to places lost to time, such as abandoned family homes. Tess and Opal have a somewhat strained relationship, and during their journey they’ll not only uncover a darker, overarching mystery, but discover more about each other. Opal and Tess are portrayed by Emmy-nominated actress Keri Russell (The Americans, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) and Golden Globe-nominated actress Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart, Unbelievable), respectively. 

The game’s unique visual style blends beautiful, hand-animated characters with detailed first-person environments. Like Tacoma, Open Roads features a unique dialogue system designed to have players expose character flaws and secrets while keeping the narrative moving. Fullbright wants to capture the full road-trip experience, with players chilling in the car listening to good music while chatting with Opal en route to the next stop. 

Open Roads launches in 2021 for unspecified consoles and PC. You can read our review of Fullbright’s previous title, Tacoma, here.

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