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Sonic X Shadow Generations Brings The Greatest Hits Package To Modern Consoles

by Brian Shea on Jan 31, 2024 at 04:16 PM

In 2011, as the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise turned 20 years old, Sega and Sonic Team decided to celebrate with Sonic Generations, a game that remade various iconic and fan-favorite zones from Sonic's past in both 3D and modern 2D versions. The title was one of the more well-liked Sonic games of the era, alongside Sonic Colors and Sonic Unleashed. During today's PlayStation State of Play, Sega announced a new version of Sonic Generations called Sonic x Shadow Generations.

As the name implies, Sonic x Shadow Generations remasters the well-liked title for modern consoles but adds various enhancements. While 60 frames-per-second performance is already attainable by playing the Xbox 360 version on an Xbox Series X console, Sonic x Shadow Generations brings much more to the table. In addition to remastering the Sonic levels, this version adds Shadow as a playable character alongside new levels for him.

Sonic x Shadow Generations will be available this fall for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.


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