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Latest Death Stranding 2: On The Beach Trailer Is Expectedly Weird

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 31, 2024 at 04:34 PM

Today's PlayStation State of Play delivered a new Death Stranding 2 trailer and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it is weird as hell. The trailer opens with Fragile and a friend, or someone very reminiscent of Fragile, performing surgery while a pair of additional hands cover her mouth. Later in the trailer she says, "These days I am Fragile in name only," before explaining her efforts to create Drawbridge, which apparently was started when Sam went off on his own after the events of the first game.

The trailer also showcases the return of villain Higgs, who was teased in the first trailer. He wears a mask but removes it to reveal a face that looks like it belongs in The Crow. He tells Sam that it looks like he traded in rope for a stick this go 'round, recalling a major element of the original game which discussed how early humanity was faced with two tools in the beginning – one to create connection, and one to create conflict. Also, Higgs attacks enemies with a guitar.


Other interesting elements of the trailer include discussions about the black goo from the universe of Death Stranding being a sort of primordial soup, the disappearance of Lou (the baby Sam carried with him in the first game), and a talking puppet that Sam carries on his hip. We also got a peak at Elle Fanning's character sneaking around and listening in on a surgery, but we know nothing else about her so far.

The trailer ended with the phrase, "Should we have connected?" and promised a 2025 release window, so we still have some time to wait. It also gave the PlayStation 5 exclusive game a proper subtitle: On The Beach.

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