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State of Play

Talking About Bugsnax Gameplay Today

by Daniel Tack on Aug 06, 2020 at 03:09 PM

At today's State of Play, we got to see some real deal Bugsnax gameplay. The gameplay reel indicates you play as a journalist who works for a particularly persnickety boss by the name of C. Clumby Clumbernut. Hunh. Yep, that syncs up with the Bugsnax brand alright.

You set out to the magical island to get the big scoop on the Bugsnax. With traps, ketchup lures, and even your camera to take amazing photographs of the various food creatrures, you're going to explore the depths of Snaktooth Island to help out various Grumpuses (I... I think that's what they're called?) and break your big story on the Bugsnax.

You like... catch them... and eat them. My god. Some other bizarre contraptions used to catch the yummy little critters are also showcased in the gameplay reel.

Bugsnax releases on PlayStation 5 during Holiday 2020. (Also coming to PlayStation 4). 

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