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Deep Dive Into Godfall Closes Out Sony’s State Of Play

by Matt Miller on Aug 06, 2020 at 04:03 PM

Godfall was given a significant time chunk at the end of Sony’s presentation today, showing off more detail for the looter/slasher. The developer used the gameplay demo to illustrate the focus on combat and loot progression, but also discussed the availability of solo and cooperative play for up to three players.

The combat philosophy for Godfall revolves around offensive movement, encouraging players to constantly move their knight around the battlefield to confront a variety of foes. Each of five different weapon classes each has its own movesets, including the longsword, dual blades, polearm, two-handed warhammer, and the two-handed great sword.

The demo offered a closer look at two of those weapon styles.The dual blades are especially fast, and are good for soft and unarmored enemies. Inner focus is unique to dual blades, allowing for increased damage for a time, and mortal coil, which pulls enemies to you. Longswords are simple weapons without a big focus on combos. Clearly meant as an accessible weapon for all players, this weapon style includes a spiral technique, for a line attack, as well as a shield uppercut with good timing. The demo also focused on the flexibility of the shield, which players always have access to, which allows for everything from parries to shield throws.

Godfall is headed toward release on PlayStation 5 this holiday season.

Check out the full gameplay demo in the video below. 


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