Astro A40 TR Delivers Top-End Performance For Professional Gamers And eSports Athletes

You want to be the best and most effective gamer in your household, workplace, or wherever you usually find yourself playing to dominate the scoreboard. But the sad fact is that most gaming headsets simply aren’t designed for hardcore gamers who need every single bell and whistle to sustain those super long playtimes without losing any edge.

Going with the time-tested Astro A40 has always been a fabulous option, but if you think you know everything you need to know about it given its original 2014 release, think again. This 2021 edition of the classic Astro A40 headset delivers one of the highest-quality gaming audio experiences that you can buy in 2021. And it’s only in the ballpark of $149.99, making it super competitive against other similarly marked headphones.

The A40 TR features lightweight yet rugged construction, and the premium materials that it uses are unmatched in competing headsets. You will definitely want a pressure-free fit that won’t overheat your head after long periods of usage, and the A40 is all about it. The ear cushions feature cloth for maximum comfort, backed with synthetic leather for the best acoustic performance, and it even comes with a swappable boom microphone.

Now let’s talk about the A40 TR’s phenomenal audio. This is a no-nonsense professional-grade headset that’s designed for the very best in the trade. It has everything that a professional will need or ask for, including built-in powerful 40mm open back drivers (or closed, if you prefer), a 3.5mm auxiliary port, MixAmp Pro support, and Astro Audio V2 – Astro’s fantastic audio channel balancing solution.

The A40 TR is Mod Kit-ready, which means you can do your own full conversions of the headset’s body and color scheme provided that you have a Mod Kit (MSRP $60 on the Astro store), you can even convert the Astro A40’s open back speakers into closed back speakers with fully customizable speaker tags that you can design yourself on Astro’s online Speaker Tag Customizer. And once again, the entire design balances light weight and extremely rugged durability. Its premium materials include the aforementioned cloth and synthetic leather-backed noise-cancelling ear cushions, swappable voice isolating mic, and pressure-free padded headband. There’s a chrome finish to the Astro A40’s whole design aesthetic too, and it simply looks fantastic.

And it doesn’t even matter where you game. This Pro Gamer Certified headset is built for PC, mobile, and console gaming, so you’re covered. As long as you can connect a 3.5mm auxiliary cable (included in the box) to a 3.5mm aux port on the gaming device of your choice, you can get the full benefits of the Astro A40 on any platform you’re looking to dominate matches or broadcast streams from. That means you can use it with any system ranging from the Nintendo Switch to the PlayStation 4 to next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

You can find the Astro A40 TR for Xbox and the Astro A40 TR for PlayStation at any GameStop retail store or directly at the GameStop website for an MSRP of $149.99!