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Developer Salute – WayForward


Layoffs At Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider Team Unaffected

… Tomb Raider Team Unaffected … Square Enix has shut down development of a new property at Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics. … Layoffs …


Saints Row Developer Speaks Out On THQ Closing


Insomniac Files Trademark For Sunset Overdrive

… has filed a new trademark, but its intentions for the property are still mysterious. … Insomniac Files Trademark …


Auction Prices Rolling In For THQ Properties


Ubisoft Is Pitching Hollywood On Ghost Recon Movie

… Creed, and Watch Dogs are all in various degrees of development, but Ubisoft isn't stopping there; next up on the …


Gearbox On Exploring Licensed Games


Japan’s New Properties

… Japan’s New Properties … Huge Western sequels made headlines at E3, but Japanese developers …


Hothead And The Hitchhiker's Guide Join Forces

… be tackling the legendary Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy property. … Hothead And The Hitchhiker's Guide Join Forces …


Blizzard Posts Job Opening For New, Unannounced Game

… "Titan." However, it looks like there might be another new property in the works at the company. … Blizzard Posts Job …


Ender's Game Is Over For Chair

… Chair says it's no longer working on the Orson Scott Card property. … Ender's Game Is Over For Chair …


Naughty Bear & Wet Get Sequels

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Tasty Fable III Easter Egg

… easier to appreciate when a developer pays tribute to a property outside their own. … Tasty Fable III Easter Egg …

tgs 2010

Sega Horror Game Rise Of Nightmares Exclusively For Kinect

… keynote, but one of the biggest surprises is a brand new property from Sega: Rise of Nightmares. … Sega Horror Game …