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Replay – The Commodore 64 Spectacular: Part 1

by Andrew Reiner on Sep 14, 2018 at 08:00 PM

On this episode of Replay, we invite you to travel back to 1982, to a time where gamers were freaking out over a new computer that packed a wallop with color graphics and 64KB of RAM. That beast of a machine was the Commodore 64, created by Commodore Business Machines, which retailed for $595, and was embraced by over 17 million people. The Commodore 64 had a long run, and games and software were created for it all the way up to 1994.

If you missed out on it back in the day, you're getting another chance to experience a key piece of gaming history when the Commodore 64 Mini launches on October 9. This replica features is home to 64 of the system's best games, and comes with a number of quality of life improvements, like HDMI output, 720p resolution, and save game functionality. The firmware can also be upgraded, and players can add more games to the system via the USB flash drive.

This is just part one of our look back at this great system, which put game creators front and center. Enjoy the history , folks!