Replay – The Scooby Doo Spectacular

by Kyle Hilliard on Aug 24, 2018 at 08:00 PM

In 1969, writers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears had a dream to create a television show about a talking dog, a genius, a stoner, and two other characters with no definable traits. The show was a hit for some reason and spawned a franchise that continues to find success and receive new entries even today.

To celebrate Mystery Incorporated and their talking dog, we decided to take a look at a few of the games the series inspired starting on the Genesis and then moving to the PlayStation 2. You also get to learn, with a professional prepared essay, why I don't like Scooby Doo, but must admit it may be the most important entertainment franchise of my professional life. Andrew Reiner, Leo Vader, and Javy Gwaltney are there, too.