Replay – Diablo

    by Andrew Reiner on Aug 17, 2018 at 08:00 PM

    With news of Diablo III heading to Switch, we decided to look back at the game that started it all...on PlayStation. We figure this clunky console port is the best way for people to see just how old the Diablo series is. You'll quickly learn that it's super old. Like "are we looking at a wall or door?" kind of old.

    Diablo originally released on PC on December 31, 1996, and many of the hallmark features we turn to this series for today were in that original version. Jeff Cork joins me for a co-op session, and we make a decent amount of progress before disaster sinks in. Turns out, Cork should not be trusted with a bow and arrow.

    We also dive into a number of NES games for a variety of quick looks. Enjoy the episode, and come back for a new one in seven days!