Replay — Doom 64 And Resident Evil 3 Demo

    by Alex Stadnik on Mar 20, 2020 at 12:40 PM

    Doom Eternal is out today and fans of the series have a lot to celebrate. To keep the brutal, demon-slaying times going, we're taking you back to a time when the ritual slaughter of the denizens of hell wasn't so visceral and realistic. Join Andrew Reiner and me as we rip and tear our way through 1997's Doom 64. And due to the motion sickness experienced by all, we switch up games and Roulette into the Resident Evil 3 Demo.

    We went live earlier, but you can watch the full archive above. If you can't get enough of our live shows, remember to subscribe on YouTubeTwitchMixerTwitter, or Facebook to get notified when we go live each week! Thanks and enjoy the show!

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