Animal Crossing's Summer Update Is Live And You Can Catch An Octopus!

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 03, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been updated today in a big way. You can now dip your toes in the ocean and go for a swim. If you see a shadow in the water, dive down and grab it. My first catch was an octopus for the museum. The update is free and shouldn't be any kind of hassle. Just boot up the game and away you go.

The game does a fine job of walking your through the process of getting your swimming suit (which set me back just 3,000 bells). Once you throw it on, you can hop right into the ocean. Along with my new eight-legged friend, there are 40 different creatures in the ocean to find, including a variety of crabs, a sea pineapple, garden eel, oyster, jellyfish, and sea pig (which will only be around between November and February). For the full list, check out Reddit user Chiiribi's post that even gives the seasons and time of day you'll find them. Happy hunting, everyone!

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