Devil May Cry Launches On Nintendo Switch Today

by Joseph Stanichar on Jun 25, 2019 at 12:04 PM

Capcom has been pretty quiet on details about the Switch port of Devil May Cry, but now fans can play the game for themselves.

Unlike other re-releases of the Devil May Cry games on other platforms, the Switch only has the original Devil May Cry. Its price tag? $19.99. This is an interesting choice, considering how the Devil May Cry HD Trilogy costs a total of $29.99 on other platforms. Capcom recently received some criticism about the pricing of its games on Switch, with re-releases of Resident Evil 0, Remake, and 4 costing $29.99 each.

Nevertheless, Devil May Cry is an excellent game, and the opportunity now exists to play it on Nintendo's portable console. Whether it's worth that Switch tax is up to you.