Don't Spend Money On Devil May Cry 5's Outrageously Expensive Taunts

    by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 08, 2019 at 02:00 PM

    Devil May Cry 5 is out today, and we think you should probably play it. As you're playing, you may notice that, among the many moves you can add to Nero, Dante, and V's toolset are things called "EX Provocations," and they're by far the most expensive thing you can buy for red orbs.

    You might also be tempted to spend real money on red orbs to get these taunts earlier, since the game lets you do that. In this short video (which does contain some spoilers for sharp-eyed viewers, so tread carefully), Kyle Hilliard and I explain why you shouldn't do that. They may boost your in-combat rank up to SS when used, but they're more for fun than actual combat effectiveness.

    Just get them the old-fashioned way: By playing through the game multiple times at different difficulties, something the series has long encouraged players to do. For our review on Devil May Cry 5, head here.

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