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Red Dead Redemption Online Open To Everyone Today

by Jill Grodt on Nov 30, 2018 at 12:12 PM

If you have a copy of Red Dead Redemption II and connection to internet, you can now ride out into the wild world wide web. Red Dead Redemption II Online is available for everyone today. You can experience many activities from the single-player game, like hunting, fishing, and treasure-hunting, but now you can do it with friends while staying on guard for other hostile players. Not sure what to expect? Watch our latest New Gameplay Today segment where the Game Informer posse accepted some morally questionable missions then jumped into a gun fight.

To get you started on the right foot, Rockstar has a list of tips and tricks for navigating the online experience:

Character creation: Tap X/A to enter the customize section, click R3/Right-Stick to quickly see your character’s face without facial hair, and Tap L1/LB and R1/RB to quickly check your character’s profile. 

Player menu: Tap d-pad left to bring up the player menu where you can see other players in the session and your friends, form or join a Posse, manage your camp and horses, quickly join matches or series, and adjust your voice chat options.

Fast travel: You can fast travel via signposts.

Co-op story-based missions: Visit Horley in Blackwater to start the quest A Land of Opportunities.

Treasure maps: You'll receive treasure maps when you hit rank 10 and every 5 ranks after that. You also have a chance to pick one up when looting enemy bodies, after clearing a hideout, or surviving an ambush.

Catalogue: Hold down left on the d-pad to bring up the catalogue to pick up provisions, tonics, weapons, and ammo. Once purchased, you can recover most of your goods from your camp’s lockbox or the post office. New weapons can be found on your horse and clothing will be added to your wardrobe. Any horses or saddles will go to the stable.

Ability cards: Ability cards have 3 categories – combat, recovery, and defense – which you can upgrade and switch out at any time.

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