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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Hits The Streets In New Demo

by Matt Miller on Sep 16, 2020 at 03:17 PM

The new gameplay demo showcases Miles as he takes on Roxxon and a force called the Underground as the two forces battle it out on a bridge near Harlem.

In a cinematic sequence, we see Spider-Man use his venom blast to break free of some attackers, before the masked superhero breaks into action to bring down his foes.

In comparison with Peter Parker as Spider-Man in the previous game, Miles appears to have a number of new moves at his disposal, including the ability to stealth into a nearly invisible form to sneak behind foes, as well as a variety of electric shock attacks.

After the fight, another sequence shows Miles as he saves the riders in a bus from the collapsing bridge. Afterward, he webs together portions of the bridge to create a way for stranded people to cross to safely on the bridge.

The sequence is action-packed, and shows off some especially impressive integration of gameplay that flows directly into cinematic moments.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is headed to PS5 this holiday season, and in a separate blog post about the game, Insomniac has confirmed that the game is also coming to PS4. 

As part of that blog post, we also learned that purchasers of the PS5 Ultimate Edition of the Miles game will also receive a voucher code for the original Spider-Man game, remastered to run on PS5, and including both the full game and its DLC. 

The standard edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to cost $49.99, while the Ultimate Edition will set purchasers back $69.99. 

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