Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

    Disaster Report 4 Hits This April, Check Out The New Trailer
    by Andrew Reiner on Jan 07, 2020 at 11:10 AM
    Publisher: NIS America
    Developer: Granzella
    Rating: Rating Pending
    Platform: PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC

    NIS America today released a new trailer for Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories, which is slated to release stateside for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC on April 7. Holding true to the series' history, the new footage for Summer Memories shows players will be making allies and meaningful choices in the face of disaster.

    The Disaster Report games have always delivered plenty of excitement and just as much camp. You can see plenty of both in the trailer, including a moment where the player makes someone's day by giving them toilet paper. Summer Memories released in Japan in 2018, and it's great to see it coming stateside in just a few months.

    Check out the first episode of our complete Super Replay playthrough of Raw Danger (the second Disaster Report game) below:

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