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Doom Eternal

Watch A New Demon And Multiplayer Mode In Action
by Suriel Vazquez on Jul 27, 2019 at 02:22 PM
Platform PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
Developer id Software
Rating Mature

This year's QuakeCon wouldn't have been complete without some new gameplay of Doom Eternal, and during the con's keynote presentation, that's exactly what we got. The extended presentation of the game included the introduction of new enemy type and multiplayer mode.

The presentation first introduced the doom hunter, a new type of demon fused to a metallic chassis that allows it to float around the battlefield. It's also got a heated chainsaw, blaster, and missile barrage at its disposal, making it look like a pretty fearsome opponent.

Next, we were shown battlemode, a new multiplayer mode. While the previous game's multiplayer suite was lacking compared to its single-player mode (in part because it delayed on a different developer and gameplay), Bethesda promises battlemode is "build from the same Doom combat DNA you know and love."

In battle mode, one player plays as the Doom Slayer, while another two players fight him as one of a handful of demons. In order to win, either the Doomslayer or both demons must die; the Doomslayer only has one life, while demons can respawn in 20 seconds, and both demons must be dead for the Doomslayer to win. However, every time a demon respawns, they come back with half health, making it that much easier for the Doomslayer to kill them again.

The classic revenant, pain elemental, mancubus, arch-vile, and marauder enemies are the playable demons at launch; along with having different toolkits and properties (the revenant has a good mix of flight and close-range options, the pain elemental is more of hands-off flyer, and the mancubus is a close-range brute), these demons can summon other fodder enemies and traps to try to take the Doomslayer down, and can even use a limited ability to deny him access to health, ammo, and shield pickups for a short time.

Maps are also designed to let the Doomslayer evade the demons, use a pair of portals to cut off flanks, and maneuver around them through corridors and plenty of jump pads and other aerial options.

The mode is also round-based, with both demons and the Doomslayer equipping upgrades across rounds. You can watch the mode in action below.

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