Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare

Horror In A Small Town
by Imran Khan on Sep 28, 2018 at 06:50 PM
Publisher: Elastic Games
Developer: Elastic Games
Rating: Not rated
Platform: PC

Last Year: The Nightmare is a recently announced multiplayer horror game for PC, putting five players as survivors and a sixth as a murderer. The group of teenagers that comprise the survivors wake up to find themselves in a mirror version of their sleepy home town, which itself contains a supernatural force taking the form of psychotic murderers to hunt them down. You can check out the reveal trailer for the game below.

The game seems similar to other asymmetrical horror titles like Friday the 13th or Dead by Daylight, but seems to put a bit more agency into the hands of the survivors.

The title is one of the First on Discord launch titles, meaning it will be releasing on PC later this Fall.