Those Shadows Have A Mind Of Their Own
by Jacob Geller on Jul 16, 2018 at 11:22 AM
Platform PC
Publisher 10 Chambers Collective
Developer 10 Chambers Collective
Rating Mature

Despite the unfortunate name, GTFO is filling an interesting niche in the co-op shooter sphere. Left 4 Dead-style horde waves, but with an Aliens aesthetic and – according to this trailer – disconcerting enemies. 

GTFO comes from the developers of Payday, and it looks like it uses their pedigree for tense cooperation while radically switching tones. The new teaser shows off shadow enemies, which only have shape when defined by an exterior light source. Because of this, they seem to appear out of nowhere, swarming the players and presumably scaring the pants off them.  

GTFO will release at the end of 2018 on Steam, and you can check out our in-depth thoughts on the game here.

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