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Pokémon Smile Is Here To Remind Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

by Brian Shea on Jun 17, 2020 at 08:16 AM

Today's Pokémon Presents video gave us all kinds of unique reveals and announcements, but perhaps the most unexpected was Pokémon Smile. This app on mobile devices expands Pokémon's offerings geared toward younger children. By turning brushing your teeth into a fun activity, Pokémon Smile hopes to encourage good dental hygiene among the franchise's youngest fans.

Parents can set Pokémon Smile to send notifications up to three times per day to remind them it's time for their kids to brush their teeth. Then, using your mobile device's camera, it depicts cavity-causing bacteria for the player to defeat and catch Pokémon. The app guides kids through how to brush their teeth effectively, ensuring they hit all parts of their mouth.  In total, players can catch more than 100 different Pokémon species using Pokémon Smile.

The app also uses the camera to allow kids to collect fun in-app headwear to display on themselves virtually while they play/brush. In addition to how many times a day the notification comes through, parents can also set the duration of each toothbrushing session between one and three minutes. 

Pokémon Smile is available for free on iOS and Android beginning today.

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