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  • Replay – Spy Fiction


    Long before Deadly Premonition aped Twin Peaks, Swery took a shot at his own version of Metal Gear Solid.

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  • Replay – Shadow Hearts


    In this episode of Replay, we take a look at Shadow Hearts, the RPG that brought us protagonist Yuri Hyuga and his quest to protect exorcist Alice Elliot.

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  • Replay – The Punisher


    Years before Rocksteady did Batman justice, Volition attempted to give a similar treatment to The Punisher.

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  • Replay – Jet Force Gemini


    After Rare gave Donkey Kong his own game and crafted a 3D model of Pierce Brosnan for Goldeneye, the developer made a cinematic sci-fi shooter called Jet Force Gemini.

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  • Replay – Body Harvest


    We go on a bug hunt in this N64 open-world game, and tackle one of the ugliest UIs of all time in our roulette segment.

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  • Replay – 24: The Game

    69 1

    With the recent news that Jack Bauer is returning, our pick for this week's episode is clear.

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  • Replay – Onimusha: Warlords


    Onimusha follows a ghost busting Samurai who kills demonic monsters and absorbs their souls with a mystical gauntlet. It's pretty close to actual history.

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  • Replay – Dinosaurs For Hire


    Come one and come all! Watch a stegosaurus and triceratops blow away robots and ninjas with assault rifles. Why are they fighting? To save our cable TV.

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  • Replay – Jurassic Park: Trespasser


    We fight dinosaurs with physics and check our breasts to see our health meter in this supremely odd PC title.

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  • Super Replay: Ninja Gaiden

    299 1

    Join Andrew Reiner, Bryan Vore, Dan Ryckert, and I for what may very well be the first never-ending Super Replay.

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  • Replay – Earthbound


    Earthbound is finally coming to the Wii U's Virtual Console, but we refused to wait any longer to play Nintendo's quirky RPG classic again, so we dove into our vault and took it for a nostalgic spin.

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  • Replay – Eternal Darkness


    We attempt to keep our sanity meters full while replaying this fondly-remembered GameCube title.

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