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    • Replay – Zone Of The Enders

      99 1

      We play Konami's fast-paced mech title, along with the demo that caused many gamers to buy it.

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    • Super Replay – Mega Man Legends

      919 3

      We at Game Informer wanted to put our fuzzy memories of MegaMan Volnutt to the test, and present to you the latest Super Replay.

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    • Replay – Splinter Cell


      On this week's episode of Replay, Dan Ryckert, Tim Turi, Andrew Reiner, and I revisit the Xbox release that started the Splinter Cell series.

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    • Replay – Jak And Daxter


      On this week's edition of Replay, we take a look at the very first Jak and Daxter game and discuss our feelings on the series as a whole.

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    • Replay – Luigi's Mansion

      174 1

      This week we dust off a Gamecube title that didn't receive the credit it deserved, which is basically the titular protagonist's life story.

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    • Replay – Wild 9


      We check out a highly-requested PS1 game from the creators of Earthworm Jim.

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    • Replay: Metal Warriors (Guest: Aram Jabbari)

      Atlus's PR manager recently swung by GI, and we invited him to select any game he wanted for a special episode of Replay. He chose Metal Warriors, a childhood favorite from LucasArts for the SNES.

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    • Replay – Metal Warriors (Guest: Aram Jabbari)


      Atlus's PR manager swung by GI, and we let him select any game he wanted for a special episode of Replay.

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    • Replay – Robocop


      Freeze, punk! On this week's episode of Replay, we check out an Xbox interpretation of the classic film franchise.

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    • Replay – Duke Nukem 3D (Guest: Randy Pitchford)


      The man responsible for Duke's return joins us for a look back at the game he worked on over 15 years ago.

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    • Replay – Quackshot


      Join three of the biggest (read: only) Quackshot fans in the Game Informer office as we plunger-gun our way through Duckberg, Mexico, and Transylvania in this under-appreciated classic.

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    • Replay – Ape Escape


      Join Andrew Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and Tim Turi as they embark on a quest to reclaim as many apes as an episode of Replay allows.

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