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Super Mario Party Jamboree Revealed

by Matt Miller on Jun 18, 2024 at 10:09 AM

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Nintendo has announced the latest installment of the Mario Party series. Super Mario Party Jamboree is a brand-new entry in the franchise, but it’s looking as if the general thrust of play remains mostly intact, with a few notable additions.

The reveal trailer shows Mario and friends descending on a small archipelago of islands that make up a massive resort. Across the many boards, players can encounter 110 different minigames.

Jamboree includes five new boards – Mega Wiggler’s Tree Party, King Bowser’s Keep, Roll ‘em Raceway, Goomba Lagoon, and Rainbow Galleria – plus returning boards from earlier games, including Mario’s Rainbow Castle (From Mario Party) and Western Land (from Mario Party 2). We got to see a bit of how the board games play out in a couple of these locales. Roll ‘em Raceway includes a turbo dice item that allows player Karts to zip forward up to 40 spaces with a good roll. In Goomba Lagoon, a changing tide adjusts the path across the board.

The most surprising addition is the new Koopathlon game mode, which allows up to 20 players to jump in together online. The early gameplay on offer here calls to mind other online party titles like Fall Guys.

Nintendo is touting Jamboree as the largest game in the series. We’ll see how true that is when the game launches for Switch on October 17.


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