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Checking Out Concord, PlayStation's Upcoming 5v5 Hero Shooter | New Gameplay Today

by Wesley LeBlanc on Jun 27, 2024 at 11:00 AM

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We got our first big look at Concord, PlayStation's upcoming 5v5 multiplayer hero shooter, during a State of Play last month. And last week, we traveled to California to go hands-on with the game. You can read Game Informer's full Concord preview thoughts here, but in short: it feels great and we're excited to play more. 

We have a lot of questions remaining about the game's progression, seasonal content, narrative emphasis, and more, but if the handful of hours we've played of Concord are any indication, developer Firewalk Studios has, at the very least, created a fun and great-feeling shooter. In today's New Gameplay Today, host Wesley LeBlanc talks about his visit to PlayStation's HQ to play the game with Kyle Hilliard and how he felt after checking out 10 of the game's 16 heroes and three of its gameplay modes. 

 Check it out for yourself in the Concord NGT below

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