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Penny's Big Breakaway: Watch Someone Beat The First Level With A Single 2-Minute Combo

by Wesley LeBlanc on Feb 23, 2024 at 07:31 AM

Penny's Big Breakaway, the momentum-based 3D platformer from developer Evening Star, surprise launched earlier this week after appearing in a Partner Showcase Nintendo Direct. During a livestream held by Evening Star on the game's February 21 launch, one designer completed the first level with a single, two-minute combo, and it's a feat to behold. 

If you haven't yet checked out Penny's Big Breakaway, it's a 3D platformer modeled off the strange and weird platformers of the PlayStation 1 generation, rather than Nintendo's popular platforming efforts. As such, the game features a unique moveset that feels similar to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, with a Devil May Cry combo meter to boot. 

Check out the Evening Star developer reach a massive 191-move combo in the first stage of Vanillatown, the first world in Penny's Big Breakaway, below: 

As you can see, this designer – Milena – completes the first level with one continuous combo. We're not sure we're quite up to the task but we wouldn't be surprised if fans of the game spend time outcomboing this score. Only time will tell. 

Penny's Big Breakaway is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC. 

For more about the game, check out the Penny's Big Breakaway launch trailer here and then read Game Informer's exclusive behind-the-scenes feature about the game's creation, the people making it, the music, and more. 

Are you playing Penny's Big Breakaway? Let us know what you think of it so far in the comments below!

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