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Nintendo Releases New Video About Charles Martinet’s New Mario Ambassador Role

by Wesley LeBlanc on Sep 07, 2023 at 12:05 PM

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Last month, Nintendo revealed longtime Mario voice actor Charles Martinet will no longer voice the character. The company stopped short of revealing who is taking over the role, although it did say we’d find out in the upcoming release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which does not feature Martinet as Mario. 

Now, Nintendo has released a new video featuring Martinet and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto discussing their history together, the role of Mario, and Martinet’s new role, Mario Ambassador. 

You can watch the video in full below, but we’ve transcribed most of it for your reading as well:

Shigeru Miyamoto: "It has been quite a long time since I first met you, Charles-San, and since then, we have enjoyed a long journey together through many games and projects involving Mario and his friends. The very first time you voiced Mario in a Super Mario game was Super Mario 64 back in 1996. Whenever we’d meet, you would always call me 'Papa!' and I also remember filming PR videos together. You have traveled the world visiting events, joyfully performing the voice of Mario for fans, and putting smiles on people’s faces.

"You always place a priority on spreading joy, and I am sure you will be a great Mario ambassador. For all of you watching, please know that in this role, Charles will continue to travel around the world and meet fans, performing the familiar voices at events, signing autographs, and enjoying interacting with you all. Starting with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which will be released in October, the voices of some Mario characters have become new, so please check them out. 

"Charles-san, your dedicated effort, your talent, and your height, which I remember from where you almost hit your head at the entrance of a restaurant at Kyoto, all leave an impression on me. I am deeply grateful for your thoughtfulness when bringing our character to life with your voice. I look forward to seeing you enjoy the moments with Nintendo fans at events all around the world. 

"And for all of you Mario fans, we ask you all to honor Charles-san together with us, and please look forward to seeing him in his new role. Charles-san, thank you very much."

Charles Martinet: "Thank you so much, Papa. For many years, it’s been a privilege to be able to bring your amazingly wonderful characters to life. I’m completely honored and joyed. Thank you. My favorite thing in the world is to meet Mario fans, fellow Mario fans like me, because I’m just so grateful for your joy and happiness and enthusiasm. I think all that we’re here to do, or all that I’m here to do, is touch your hearts, to make you smile, to make you laugh, and bring a little bit of that magic of happiness and it’s been such an honor and such a joy for so many years that I look forward to continuing to bring that joy and help us all remember our innocence and our happiness and our joy through great games."

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