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PlayStation Pulse Elite Explore Wireless Earbuds Headset Portal Remote Play Device PlayStation Release Date Price

Sony Details New PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset And Pulse Explore Earbuds

by Wesley LeBlanc on Aug 23, 2023 at 08:37 AM

PlayStation revealed its take on wireless earbuds earlier this summer, but didn’t reveal much about them beyond that they can connect to PlayStation 5, PC, and smartphones. Now, Sony has not only pulled back the curtain on its new PlayStation Portal remote play device, but two new audio devices it’s releasing for PS5. 

The wireless earbuds revealed earlier this summer are called PlayStation Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and provide “a premium portable audio experience with dual microphones and AI-enhanced noise rejection capable of filtering background sounds” with lossless audio and a charging case. They will cost $199.99. 


The new over-the-ears headset revealed today is called the PlayStation Pulse Elite wireless headset and it offers lossless audio and comes with a retractable boom mic (not featured on the already existing Pulse headset). Like the Pulse Explore earbuds, it will feature AI-enhanced noise rejection capable of filtering background sounds. It also comes with a charging hanger. The Pulse Elite headset will cost $149.99.


Sony says it will share more details on the release date of the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore audio devices, including when preorders will go live, soon. 

“Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore will be the first PlayStation audio devices to use custom-designed planar magnetic drivers for an audiophile-level listening experience normally found in premium headphones for professional sound engineers,” a PlayStation Blog post reads. “With Pulse Explore, we’re pleased to be one of the first companies to provide wireless earbuds to the mass consumer market using planar magnetic driver technology.” 

To coincide with these devices, Sony has revealed the PlayStation Link. Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore will connect directly with the upcoming PlayStation Portal remote play device using this link. The company says PlayStation Link delivers “low latency, lossless audio, and easy switching between multiple PlayStation Link hosts such as PS5 with the USB adapter and PlayStation Portal.”

PlayStation Portal Remote Player Device Release Date Price Pulse Elite Headset Explore Wireless Earbuds

When using these new audio devices with a PS5, the USB adapter that’s included with each is required for PlayStation Link. This adapter will also be sold separately as a standalone item and can be used on PC and Mac, making it possible to connect Pulse Elite headsets and Pulse Explore earbuds to PC and Mac with lossless and low latency audio. 

Both Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore can simultaneously connect to a PlayStation Link-supported device like a PS5, PC, Mac, or PlayStation Portal, and a Bluetooth-supported device, like a smartphone. 

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Are you going to pick up either of these new audio devices? Let us know in the comments below!