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Nintendo Switch Online June 2023 Update NES SNES Game Boy

Nintendo Switch Online June 2023 Update Includes Harvest Moon, Kirby Tilt 'N' Tumble, And More

by Wesley LeBlanc on Jun 06, 2023 at 07:17 AM

Nintendo has announced four more games for its Switch Online subscription service and all of them are live for members right now. The four games are Mystery Tower (NES), Harvest Moon (SNES), Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble (Game Boy), and Blaster Master: Enemy Below (Game Boy). 

Nintendo has also released a trailer highlighting these four titles, and you can check it out for yourself below: 

Here's what Nintendo has to say about each of these games: 

Kirby Tilt 'N' Tumble

"When you move, Kirby moves! This action game was released for the Game Boy™ Color system in 2001 and features the ever-adorable Kirby! In this game, it’s all about how Kirby tilts and tumbles! This twist on classic Kirby gameplay adds new levels of fun. Kirby moves left, right, forward and backward based on the movement of the system you hold in your hands! This version replicates the motion controls from the original Game Boy Color version. Tilt your Nintendo Switch system or controller to play. Go, Kirby, go!"

Blaster Master: Enemy Below

Jason and his legendary battle vehicle, SOPHIA, are back again to save the world. Using the strong weapons and high jumping power of SOPHIA, Jason must head to subterranean regions and eliminate everything in his path. In narrow places, Jason can exit SOPHIA and move through catacombs on foot. In the catacombs, control Jason in top-down view and battle with guns and grenades! Swap in and out of your vehicle and adapt to the situation to succeed!

Harvest Moon

Discover the roots of the farming simulator genre in Harvest Moon! Take in the natural beauty and breathe the fresh country air. Experience firsthand the down-to-earth goodness of life on a farm! Your challenge is to dig in and build your life as a farmer with old-fashioned hard work and dedication. You have a modest house, so it’s going to take a remodel to woo a farming companion. Success in this game is measured by the fruits of your labor, so remember – you always reap what you sow!

Mystery Tower

Use wit and skill to reach the top of the tower! This game launched for the Famicom™ system in Japan in 1986 and is packed with puzzles and action! Play the role of archaeologist and explorer and set your sights on the top of the tower. Clear stages by moving and rearranging mysterious stones to reach the exit and proceed to the next floor.

Do any of these games excite you? Let us know which ones you're excited to check out below!

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