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New Gameplay Today

Grime – New Gameplay Today

by Daniel Tack on Aug 03, 2021 at 05:50 PM

Are you ready to swing giant clubs, slashy swords, and parry… everything? Welcome to Grime, the game where you play as a surreal organism where your head is like, a black hole or something. Now, it would be easy to label Grime a sidescrolling Souls-like, and that’s what it pretty much is, but there are other aspects about it that make it more interesting than just heading from checkpoint to checkpoint and taking on tremendous bosses. Don’t get us wrong though, taking on weird and creepy bosses is absolutely a highlight here.

The parry system in the game is called absorption, and it’s aptly named, because you actually absorb the enemies. What does this mean? Well, in addition to giving you important resources that let you heal yourself (forcing you to master parries if you want to live), the system allows you to take traits of the monsters and add them to your kit. So by absorbing the life essence of your enemies, you can unlock new and powerful skills that will help you survive. Some moves flash red, you can’t parry those, so you’ll have to dodge. Of course, you’re going to want to upgrade your core stats like health, force (stamina), strength and more in order to use better weapons.

Join us in this episode of New Gameplay today to explore just a taste of the strange settings and weird denizens that inhabit the world of Grime. Will we be successful exploring the creepy caverns? The doomed desert? Will we beat a boss? You’ll have to come hang out to find out!

Grime is currently available on PC and Stadia. Are you interested in checking it out? What would you do if you had a black hole for a head that could absorb powers? Let us know in the comments (when we have comments back up and running)!

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