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Mod Corner: Fallout Miami Total Conversion Mod Creators Offer New Fall Update

by Liana Ruppert on Oct 23, 2020 at 04:25 PM

This week's Mod Corner we're doing things a little bit differently to celebrate a massive overhaul project I've been covering for years, much like Fallout 4: New Vegas and Skyblivion. Fallout: Miami is among the most impressive Fallout overhaul mods out there and while the team continues to prepare this project for its final form (don't know why I said it like that, but we are rolling with it), these ambitious fans took to the mod's site with a new video and their latest update. 

In the latest dev diary video, the mod's creative director gives a sneak peek at yet another track from the project's music, coconut masks, and the slavers of Sunshine Cove as a faction. Check out the video below to learn more: 

From the Center School all the way down to the different flora players will encounter, their latest blog post is one of the most in-depth ones to-date. This incredibly ambitious project takes the Fallout franchise where it has never gone before. Even better? Bethesda has sanctioned it, so no worries on an abrupt shutdown. 

While the full mod isn't ready yet, there are parts that are publicly accessible on PC for players to check out. Fallout Miami is an entirely new world for Fallout 4 that allows players to take that nuclear fun in the sun to a whole new level with interesting fresh enemies, a crips new narrative, and a new take on the struggle of power between the Order and Freedom. 

You can download Fallout: Miami right here for free on PC, but make sure that you have Fallout 4 and all of the game's official DLCs, otherwise, the mod won't work. Happy modding, and don't forget to check out some of our other Mod Corner entries right here

Thoughts on Fallout: Miami and its latest development update video? Sound off in the comment section below! If you're looking for specific game mod requests, drop those down in the bottom as well and I'll get crackin' for you! 

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