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Mod Corner

This Fallout New Vegas Horror Mod Brings Hell On Earth, Heavily Inspired By Silent Hill

by Liana Ruppert on Oct 16, 2020 at 12:15 PM

With Halloween just around the corner, there are tons of horror games to enjoy! That being said, mods are a neat way to return to an older favorite and experience something brand new! Since Mod Corner is all about recommending some of our favorite fan-made projects, we wanted to share yet another way to ring in the holiday of fright with this awesome Fallout: New Vegas horror mod. 

The Hell on Earth Fallout: New Vegas mod makes core changes to make this experience more inline with a horror survival title. It's also customizable, so it suits any type of playstyle. That customization is also helpful in case this mod happens to conflict with another installed change, making it easy to swap out and make sure everything is working as it should. 

This fan-made experience adds a brand-new area by making nightmare versions of the explorable towns. The creator also says they were heavily inspired by Silent Hill, the iconic franchise from Konami, when creating this particular adventure. 

Some areas are blocked off in the "normal" world and suddenly available to explore in this nightmare version. Not quite to the extent of The Medium's duality, but it does have the same idea of two versions of reality, one infinitely more terrifying. 

The creator even included a backstory for the Hell on Earth mod, though be warned: It's not lore friendly and it's not meant to be, this is a fan-inspired project. According to the creator: 

In 2077, the government was experimenting with interdimensional travel. Hoping to travel to another dimension in which they could use the resources there, they opened a gateway to a universe that mirrored our own in which everything was the same ... but also, different. 
This Otherworld, or "Nightmare World," was built the same as ours; the same countries, the same buildings, but it was evil, pure evil. Once opened, creatures from nightmares began to pour through. In a last ditch attempt to reverse the effects, a spec ops team headed into the facility and closed the portal ... or so they thought. Instead, our world began to merge with this Otherworld and random shifts between the two began to occur, people all over the world began to disappear. 
A strange, thick fog fell upon the world, radio and communications failed and military bases and checkpoints lost contact. Soon, entire countries fell under the strain of the creatures emerging and small groups of people banded together, gathering weapons and food they tried to hold on to. Yet, people continued to disappear. 

The Hell on Earth mod is a present-day experience based on the lore revealed above, and honestly? It's amazing. Keep in mind, this is an older mod. Mod corner doesn't necessarily mean the newest additions, sometimes they are old favorites that may be new to some! It's been two years since I've used this one personally, but it is absolutely one of my favorites when looking for a scarier spin on a beloved RPG. 

You can download this mod right here

Thoughts on the latest Mod Corner req with Fallout New Vegas Hell on Earth? What other games are you hoping to see some modding recommendations for? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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