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Mod Corner

Mod Corner: Best Batman Mods For PC Games To Celebrate Batman Day 2020

by Liana Ruppert on Sep 19, 2020 at 01:13 PM

Sure, you could play an actual Batman game but wouldn't you rather see a Batman who could join the Brotherhood instead? Batman Day has arrived and instead of the usual "here are the Batman games you should scope out" piece, we decided to dive back into the world of mods since that's been an area of interest lately. 

From the Dark Knight taking over the Wasteland in Fallout to Batman hyut-ing his way through Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, here are our top picks for getting that sweet, sweet justice on. 

Batman in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Surprisingly enough, Breath of the Wild actually has some pretty awesome mods out there, though most of them are jokes like Shrek taking over as Ganon. Still, today is an appropriate day to celebrate one Legend of Zelda mod in particular, one created by YouTuber 'WilianZilv. 

Not only does this mod let you become Batman, but it also gives you a Bat Glider and the Batarang to replace the Lizal Boomerang. Don't lie, you know this is dope: 

You can learn more about this mod right here

Fallout: New Vegas

This Batman Fallout: New Vegas mod just isn't about the caped crusader, it also offers other retextures such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Hawkgirl, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and even Green Lantern. 

This mod is super easy to implement, as long as you're on PC. You can download this creation right here. There is also a highly recommended Knightmare Batman mod for Fallout 4 if kicking the crap out of the Brotherhood is more your style. 

Doom II

Batman Doom is a total conversion mod that was created by ACE Team Software. It's been a huge hit since 1999, and for good reason. It comes bringing with the ability to play as Batman himself while hunting different villains throughout Gotham City. 

This mod is far more detailed than it appears at first glance and has gone through several versions to make sure it's perfect. 

To try out the new levels and take on Doom II in a different way, you're going to want to learn more right here

The Sims 

This Sims mod was created back in 2009, but there are a ton of mods for the latest entry into the Sims franchise. Most of them are Batman-themed shirts and small tweaks, no full-on suit that actually functions (at least that I've found and tested), but this one has been a faithful one to me for years. 

Since this mod requires a ton of different meshes in order to work, as seen with the various textures and shading in the image below, there are a few more complicated steps to making this function. Luckily, the mod creator offered some stellar walkthrough advice over on the Mod the Sims forums.

Learn more

Grand Theft Auto V

This pick isn't just one mod, but numerous ways to bring Gotham into a new world. From Injustice 2's Harley Quinn to various Batman-inspired vehicles, there are tons to choose from when taking to Los Santos. 

There are several high-resolution Batman armor mods as well, in addition to heaven adding a little Batman vs. Superman flair for those that fancy that particular experience. 

Prepare for the rabbit hole, because this library has a ton of options to choose from right here


Come on, did you really expect us to leave Skyrim off of a modding list? Be real, Bethesda may have a reputation for some buggier experiences, but they've been a treasure trove of inspiration for those that love to mod. 

My favorite Gotham-esque mod for Tamriel is the 'Batman in Skyrim' experience that adds Batman himself, two new player homes based off of the comics, a new race, Batman armor, new enemies, new NPCs, new spells, and a new mount. 

This is easily my favorite and a really easy one to add to your game. Download here

Honorary mention 

If fighting games are your style, there is a pretty nifty Batman mod right here for Street Fighter x Tekken, but be warned: this is the one mod I haven't tested out yet personally. If you want to play an actual Batman game with extra flair, the Batman: Arkham City Nexus community is really solid with a ton of options to choose from. 

There is also this hilarious Batman fusion mod with Vegeta in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! You can check out the video below and download this little gem here to get started. 

And those are some Batman mods that I've tested out myself that I can't recommend enough to ring in this celebratory occasion! Think I missed a good one? Have a game you'd like a recommendation for to bring in those Gotham vibes? Drop a comment in the section below and tell us what you think! 

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