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Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is about to receive one of its biggest overhauls since its release back in 2019. We traveled to Vancouver to talk to the team and play its upcoming update extensively, and we're ready to fill you in on all the details.


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  • The Most Anticipated Games Of 2024 – Time waits for no one. 2023 may have just ended, but we already have our eyes on what's next. Read our giant list of all the games we can't wait to get our hands on over the next 12 months and beyond
  • Hip-Hop And Gaming – Hip-hop is now 50 years old and, in the past year, has experienced some of its biggest gaming breakthroughs ever. We spoke with the people who had a hand in bringing hip-hop to video games over the past decades and look at what could come next
  • Unicorn Overlord – We checked out the opening hour of Unicorn Overlord from Vanillaware, the developer of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, and spoke to the team about its “rebirth of tactical fantasy RPGs
  • Remaking Classic RPGs – 2023 was a banner year for new versions of classic RPGs, and more are on the way. We spoke with some of the developers behind these games to try and figure out why the trend has become so prevalent
  • The History Of Night School Studio – Since the release of its first game, Oxenfree, back in 2016, Night School Studio has been one of the most interesting indie developers out there. Now that it's been acquired by Netflix, we talked to the team about its past, present, and hopeful future
  • PREVIEWS – Avowed, Grand Theft Auto VI, Clockwork Revolution, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, Metaphor: ReFantazio, Slitterhead, and more!
  • REVIEWS – Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Tekken 8, The Finals, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Asgard’s Wrath 2, and more!


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