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//December 10th//
Sterner Stuff: The History of the Transformers
We exhaustively chronicle the history of the robots in disguise in preparation for War For Cybertron. Read More

//December 11th//
Character Profile: Optimus Prime
Find out about the Autobot's leader in this first look at the re-imagined character sketch. Read More

Teaser Trailer Premiere
Click to check out the new teaser trailer for War For Cybertron that was on show at the VGAs! Read More

//December 15th//
High Moon vs. GI Transformers Trivia
War For Cybertron developer takes on GI's resident Transformers nerds in trivia. Read More

//December 17th//
High Moon Studios Profile
An insider's look at the studio behind War for Cybertron. Read More

//December 18th//
Character Profile: Megatron
The evil doer of bad robot deeds, as he will appear in War For Cybertron. Read More

//December 21st//
Creating Worlds: An Interview With the Art Team
See what the art team working on War For Cybertron think Cybertron should look like in this video. Read More

Art Gallery
A closer look at the art from the game. Read More

//December 23rd//
Character Profile: Starscream
After profiling the leaders of the Decepticons and the Autobots, enter the scheming second in command to Megatron and fan favorite! Read More

//December 25th//
Optimus Primed: Time Lapse Video
Watch the creation of the leader of the Autobots in this special feature. Read More

//December 28th//
Tackling the Robot Homeworld
Watch our feature video interview with game director Matt "Tieg" Tieger as he discusses High Moon's labor of love. Read More

//December 30th//
Special Edition Podcast
A special discussion caps our month long coverage of War For Cybertron. Read More

Optimus Prime Concept Art

..transform & roll out..
Transformers Facts
The Transformers series originally aired from 1984 to 1987.

The character Optimus Prime was killed during The Transformers: The Movie but came back to life for the episode Dark Awakening and returned for good in the episode The Return of Optimus Prime.

The first Transformer to appear on the series was Wheeljack.

In Japan, the first season of Transformers was called Fight! Super Robot Life Form Transformers.

Holy Unicron, that's a lot of characters!