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The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD – Game Informer Live

by Alex Stadnik on Jul 16, 2021 at 09:04 AM

Zelda fans rejoice! Skyward Sword HD is finally on the Nintendo Switch and we have good news for people who can't get enough from Link and company. Whether this is your first time taking to the skies on a Loftwing or are returning for another playthrough, the new quality of life improvements, updated controls, and a shiny new coat of HD graphics make this the best version of Skyward Sword, according to our official GI review.

In celebration of Skyward Sword HD's release, we're jumping back into the game to continue to show off all the new improvements fans can expect if they choose to buy it today. Now I know what you're thinking. Alex, the last time you streamed, we only got to see 40 minutes of the game. Fear, not my friends, for today Liana Ruppert and I are giving you a proper stream and will be showing off an even meatier look at the new Switch title live at 10 a.m. CT!

If you joined us for the aforementioned previous stream, we'll be picking up pretty close to where we left off (I couldn't help but play a little more off-stream, I'm only human). We'll be showing off the end of the game's third dungeon and beyond, so if you're averse to spoilers, you may want to check out some of the other awesome Zelda content we have on the site!

Speaking of Zelda content, we at Game Informer are celebrating Zelda Week and we have a ton of awesome articles celebrating one of gaming's biggest franchises. Be sure to check out the latest episode of The GI Show where we build our perfect Zelda game, a list of our favorite moments from the series, and a ranking of all the titles from the last 35 years!

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