Replay – The Power Rangers Spectacular

by Andrew Reiner on Mar 24, 2017 at 03:00 PM

We're seeing a lot of headlines about Donald Trump and healthcare right now, but where is the love for the Power Rangers? Every headline should be about these colorful warriors. CNN's top story should read: A New Power Rangers Film is in Theaters and Critics Don't Hate It! Fox News' story of the day should be: The  Power Rangers Marathon on Twitch is Bringing In Thousands of Viewers...Thousands!!!"

Game Informer knows what's up. That's why this week's Replay is dedicated to the Rangers. We take a look back at the earliest games inspired by this beloved TV show, and call upon Game Informer squatter Javy Gwaltney for expert advice. Javy is a lifelong Power Rangers fan. He skipped kindergarten classes just so he could watch new episodes. Skipping classes explains a lot about him. You'll understand what we mean by that if you watch this episode! So do it!

As the Power Rangers always say "Cowabunga!" Enjoy the show, folks!

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